To the person who wants to build Quartet server

My (administrator of this wiki) Opinion

I want to enjoy playing on Quartet-R server players from overseas.
I can not help people who can not build Quartet server on their own.
Because, I do not have enough knowledge about the Quartet server construction.
And I think that the emulator server should not be known widely.

  • My personal request to a person building a server
    • Please read readme.txt file attached for each program. The question may be ignored if you ask about contents written in the readme.txt file.
    • Please ask your questions about Quartet to developers. Not all of Japanese players are developers of Quartet.
    • Please prepare that can be translated Japanese into native language. Most of Quartet's attachments are Japanese.

As I wrote on About this wiki, I can not see the images of the SNS now.
I can not help with that of SNS, because I do not know the cause and there is no prospect of improvement.

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