There are four kinds of commands for moving and position save, and then a little explanation.

This command will tell you the current position.
If you use this command, the results should be displayed as the image below.
Information about the location and the part that is written "[HF100301]392(38, 78)", you are now.

This part shows the location of this map information is stored in the server. The player is no less relevant information.

This number is the fieldid of this map. We use this number to move with /goto command.

(38, 78)
The coordinates of the place where you are. You might want to use when you want to specify in detail the location.

/goto fieldid [x y]
This command will move to a the specified fieldid. Coordinate can be omitted.
If you type /goto 392, you will be able to move the entrance to the greenhouse of Estiva.
When you specify the coordinates of the destination, enter a command like this "/goto fieldid x y". Of course, where x and y are the numbers fit.

/memo 0-9
This command will save the current position. You can save a total of 10 points.
If you want to go to the saved position, use /return command.
When you want to go to the location that you save to 2, then type this "/return 2".

When you just use this command, you return to save the existing position.
At the end of this command, adding space and the number, go to the location that you saved in /memo command.

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