About CRonY

CRonY is the abbreviation for CopyRobot on Yogruting. Game master has created a program of CRonY.
There is one CRonY in Quartet-R server.
She is a CRonY named Ressa. Her nickname is the messenger.
The placard says "I accept the message.Please continue after the "Please message!"".

CRonY's action

  • She approached to greet when other characters came within 10 squares.
  • She keeps track of the other characters have moved within 10 squares.
    • If you move too quickly, she is left behind.
  • She can pass through the warp gate.

The following actions will only work in an environment where you can type Japanese.
  • Message to the other characters
  • Move together(Function of "Follow me")
    • Those function's switches are double-byte characters in Japanese.
  • Simple conversation with the player
    • Maybe, there are only Japanese in her dictionary.
    • If the English words registered in her dictionary, we can enjoy simple English conversation with her.

I do not want to be tracked her.

  • She will act on the characters that come within 10 cells from her.
    • Leave at least 10 cells the interval between her.
    • Hooked on her obstactions.
    • Use goto command (or other commands to move the maps).
    • It can be avoided by the methods described above.


CRonY is not a player.
Please do not get angry if she follows you.

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